Digitizing a miter saw stop
Supply of a digitization kit including :
  • A controller, 
  • A control box, 
  • A motor, 
  • A zero point sensor. 
  • The mechanical part and the start-up were carried out by the customer (resolution 0.1mm).
  •  Specificity: For reasons of room, the stop is made up of 3 removable sections. 2 sensors attached to the extensions automatically adjust the useful travel of the stop.

  • Digital stop
    • 1400mm stroke  (résolution : 0.1mm),
    • Conveyor 200mm wide,
    • A controller.
    Holzprofi DG410 digitization
    Supply of a kit allowing to motorize and digitize the table of a DG410 (resolution: 0.05mm)
    The kit contains:
    • A controller,
    • A control box,
    • A motorization,
    • The motor support with belt tensioner,
    • The 2 pulleys and the belt,
    • An origin sensor and its fixing,
    • An emergency stop,
    • The swiveling touch screen support.

    Programming of a semi-automatic cycle to automate the planing function.
    • The user inform : 
    • The stock dimension, 
    • The desired final dimension, 
    • The roughing depth of cut, 
    • The finishing pass depth, 
    • The number of finishing passes. 
    The controller then automatically determines and manages the movements necessary to reach the final dimension: all you have to do is plan the board then press "move for next pass" until the controller indicates that the final dimension is reached.
    Slack adjustment management (the last movement is always on the way up)
    The kit is supplied with documentation describing the installation and calibration phases.
    SICOM digitization
    Supply and installation of a kit allowing to motorize and digitize the table of a SICOM from 1960 (resolution: 0.05mm)

       Digitizing planing table SCM 410 E
      Supply and installation of a kit to motorize and digitize the table of a planer (resolution: 0.05mm)

        Theatre sets Digitization  
        Supply of a complete set to manage the collapse of a set.
        • A controller, 
        • A control box, 
        • A powerful electric cylinder (2800N thrust)
        Stages Digitization
        Supply of a set to manage the movement of 2 stages of 15m2. These 2 stages are arranged on the same 25m rail and dancers and actors move on them.
        The installation is able to move the 2 stages over the useful 25m, with a distance between stages of only a few millimeters.
        The positions are memorized in the controller and the DMX interface manage, trigger and synchronize the different movements.
        • 2 controllers, 
        • A control cabinet, 
        • 2 stepper motors, 
        • A DMX interface to allow control with the stage software. 

        SCM S50 Digitization
        No stepper motor on this digitization.
        The customer wishing to keep the original asynchronous motor, the positioning of the table is carried out in closed loop control thanks to the addition of an encoder (LONU controller - VFD- encoder - motor). The advantages:
        • Very fast movement of the table (30mm/s), 
        • No risk of step loss (closed loop), 
        • Solution compatible with any size of motor.
        Robland NXSD 410 Digitization
        Supply of a kit to motorize and digitize the table of a Robland NXSD 410

          Holzprofi DG320TS Digitization
          Supply of a kit to motorize and digitize the table of a Holzprofi DG320TS

          Digital stop
          Supply and installation of a 6m digital stop for a cutting bench. The stop is fitted with a motorization allowing detection of mechanical blockages or excessive forces on the pusher.
          The controller has an SD card reader to retrieve cutting data from a CSV file. The import of the CSV is fully configurable from the controller (columns to be displayed and display position on the screen) 
          Sicar Bravissima Digitization
          Digitization of all the manual settings of the machine:
          • Height of planing table, 
          • Height of spindle moulder, 
          • Height of saw, Inclination of saw. 

          Speed ​​management:
          • Planer feed motor, 
          • Planer motor, router, saw.

            Digital stops
            Supply of 2 stops piloted by a LONU controller
             A parallel stop:
            • 650mm travel,
            • Very rigid guide and resistant to plating, 
            • Fully removable guide.  

            A cutting stop on a saw carriage flush with the blade:
            • 1400mm stroke Easily removable (a single connector to unscrew),
            • Reversible stop finger in order to be able to use both sides indifferently (one side is completely free and allows on-the-fly work ).
            Moretens MF30 Digitization
            Supply of a 2-axis digitization kit: vertical and depth The mechanical adaptation was entirely carried out by the customer.
            Integration with existing machine safeguards.
            HAMMER A3-31 Digitization
            Supply of a kit to motorize and digitize the table of a HAMMER A3-31